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Private Legal Clinic Sponsored by Crawford Law

Earn too much for free legal aide but not enough to hire an attorney for the entire case?

Try a private coaching session with a lawyer for a one time charge of $325. Forms are tailored to your need. An attorney answers your questions.

Our DIY workshop is perfect for those handling small claims matters on their own. Get affordable legal help with custody & child support petitions, credit card lawsuits, landlord tenant issues, car repairs & accidents, utility disputes, summary criminal charges, setting up small businesses, and more.

For those doing it yourself, you don’t have to be completely alone. Store bought legal software can’t answer your questions and doesn’t cover each scenario. The private one hour session involves:

  • A one time charge of $325 (no additional fees)
  • Documents tailored to your specific legal problem
  • A private (one on one) consultation with a licensed attorney
  • A review and assessment of your legal problem
  • Guidance on how to resolve your problem
  • An opportunity to ask questions