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I have been charged with a crime, what can I expect the penalty to be?

Criminal sentencing depends upon a variety of factors including the existence of any prior convictions, whether any weapons were used, and the nature of the crime alleged. Along with imprisonment, a person convicted of a crime might be required to pay fines, court costs, and in some cases restitution (i.e. repayment to a victim). Below are some general guidelines to aid in understanding what maximum jail time is involved:

·         First degree murder (death or life imprisonment)

·         Second degree murder (life imprisonment)

·         Third degree murder (more than ten years imprisonment)

·         (F1) First degree felony (more than ten years imprisonment)

·         (F2) Second degree felony (not more than ten years imprisonment)

·         (F3) Third degree felony (not more than seven years imprisonment)

·         (M1) First degree misdemeanor (not more than 5 years imprisonment)

·         (M2) Second degree misdemeanor (not more than 2 years imprisonment)

·         (M3) Third degree misdemeanor (not more than 1 years imprisonment)

·         Summary Offenses (not more than 0 days imprisonment)

101 Pa. Code § 15.66. Offenses and penalties.